Jina Boroughani

8+ Years of experience

Hello and welcome to MB-elegant-micro! I am so excited you are here.
with 8 + years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry, I have cultivated a love for all things beautiful. my work as a licensed smp&pmu artist technician creating beautiful results for my clients has developed and heightened my creativity, giving me an eye for detail and symmetry which I now apply to permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation artistry. I received my permanent makeup certification from Germany at Amiea academy and my scalp micro pigmentation(SMP) from Canada at scalp co. academy.

Jina as an entrepreneur:

Jina Boroughani founder of MB ELEGANT MICRO and Scalpiranian Center has been working in the cosmetic industry for more than eight years.

She was attracted to the cosmetic industry in the early first year of her master’s degree and right after her graduation in psychology, she founded Scalpiranian Center in 2014.

After four years of consistent effort in Scalp Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup, Scalpiranian Center turned into one of the most successful centers in the cosmetic industry in Iran.

It was the time to grow up, so, Jina was thinking about expanding her business internationally. For this, she moved to Canada and founded MB ELEGANTMICRO In 2019.

Jina always tries to stay up to date by participating in different classes in Iran, Germany, and Canada.

 She is talented in symmetrizing and creating natural look results.  Our aim is attention to individual preferences and to honour our client's individual facial anatomy, bone structure, complexion, and real hairline depending on their face.

Outstanding Accomplishments as a business owner:

MBELEGANTMICRO is an advanced Scalp Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup clinic that focuses on creating hyper-realistic cosmetic tattoos & micropigmentation in Vancouver, Canada. Here are some accomplishments of ours:

  • Running two businesses in two countries.
  • Certified from Iran, Germany, and Canada to update her knowledge.
  • Working in two countries gave her a new approach to her life.
  • Providing realistic and natural results.
  • Clientele’s satisfaction as part of those is shown on google.
  • Providing training classes for a wide range of beauty lovers.
  • Being an entrepreneur with 5 employees.
  • Performing approximately 2000 SMP & PMU treatments.

Who are our clients:

There is a wide range of people who can get our services.

Scalp MicropigmentationPermanent Makeup
Men with thin hairEyebrow tattoo
Women with thin hairLip blush 
Men with baldnessEyeliner tattoo
Scar concealmentLash enhancement

I love helping ladies and gentlemen to put their best faces forward. my goal is to enhance your natural beauty while saving you the time and frustration of hand drawing or painting the perfect makeup, using all hair care products, topic hair, wigs and hair transplant. no more! wake up ready to face your day.
please check out the F.A.Q page where I answer common questions, and if I have not answered your question, please do not hesitate to reach out. your comfort is my priority.

MB Elegant Micropigmentation, under the management of  Jina, with more than 8 years of experience, was established in Saskatoon in early 2020.
Mrs.Boroughani, Scalpiranian Institute founder, started performing medical micropigmentation in 2014 in Tehran, Iran. There are various services provided in MB Elegant Micropigmentation such as: covering baldness and thin hair areas, Fading the stitches after hair transplantation (FUE & FUT) or any kind of scar, any type of alopecia, Camouflaging wounds caused by surgery or scars (fractures) on the head or eyebrows, hiding wounds, burns and birthmarks, simulation of hair in the beard and mustache area, correction and repair of hair growth lines, Increasing the visual effect after hair transplantation.
Our whole effort is to restore your self-confidence by covering your thin hair. We are happy to bring a smile to your face.

Jina Boroughani                                    Founder

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  • Jina certificate amiea med