Eyebrow tattoo

New semi-permanent makeup methods such as Powder ombre brows as a type of eyebrow tattoo give women with thin eyebrows natural and long-lasting effects. They no longer have to worry about spending a lot of time each day symmetrizing and trimming their eyebrows. As a result, with the benefits of saving time and cost, and of course a unique and amazing experience, people fall in love with semi-permanent makeup.
Semi-permanent makeup has made so popular in today's world and many people have made their decisions rapidly to pick a method without considering various aspects of the final result. Although eyebrow microblading has had a high percentage of customer satisfaction, powder brows are the choice of those who have been a little patient and have obsessively chosen the method of beautifying their eyebrows. Although powder ombre brows are not as popular as microblading, many women after experiencing the shading of their eyebrows, consider it superior and more suitable than eyebrow microblading.

Powder Ombre brows

Powder brows or Ombre Brows is a new method that gives a dark and bright state to the eyebrows. This technique gives a soft shape to the eyebrows and is appropriate for all skin types with any colour. In the Powder brows technique, the appearance of the eyebrows is more natural because they get faded by closing to the crown of the eyebrow in a powdery shape.

Why should we choose ombre brows among eyebrow tattoo methods?

This technique is diverse because it can be used alone or in combination with microblading (Combobrows). If the clientele is looking for delicate and natural eyebrows, a combination of microblading with powder brows should be used. In addition, clienteles with sensitive or oily skin are not good candidates for the microblading technique; But the ombre shading technique can be used for this type of skin.
Powder Ombre BrowsPowder Ombre Brows

How long does the powder brows technique take?

Eyebrow tattoo and powder ombre brows technique in this case alone takes about around 3 hours. But if you want to use a combination of microblading and powder brows or combo brows, it will probably take longer.

How long do powder ombre brows last?

On average, powder brows last between 3 to 5 years. However, the longevity of powder ombre brows depends on various factors such as skin type, aftercare, precare, the superficiality of pigments, weather conditions (sun UV), type and quality of the ink, physical condition and Specific individual diseases.

Eyebrow tattoo before and after photos:

Who can not use powder ombre brows?

People with serious skin problems should not use this method. Pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid all types of permanent makeup as well.

What is the aftercare of powder brows?

For best results, the clientele should refrain from using cosmetic products and makeup around the eyebrows for at least two weeks. Excessive sweating and exposure to sunlight should also be avoided. After eyebrow tattooing, a layer of scab forms on the eyebrows that you have to wait for it to be fallen out naturally and avoid touching it. Usually, you will be given a vitamin A ointment after the eyebrows tattoo that you should apply on your eyebrows after and during taking a shower.

How much do ombre powder brows cost?

The price for an eyebrow tattoo is $300 and $100 for the touch-up session
The procedure takes around 3 hours.

Advantages of powder ombre brows in Comparison with microblading:

1- Which one is safer? Which one is more Invasive?

The powder ombre brows technique is performed using a small machine which spreads a very fine powdery shape of pigments on the surface of the skin by shading. In eyebrow microblading, a hand tool blade is used. The blade causes small cuts and abrasions on the surface of the skin, so the pigments penetrate deeper into the skin. For longer-lasting of pigments, the penetration of the blade is almost deeper than the powder brows needle and for this reason, microblading will be accompanied by pain and bleeding. In some cases, side effects of skin infections and allergies have even been reported.
Powder ombre brows are a safe way to get the look you want without pain or bleeding.

2- Less pain with Powder ombre brows

Powder brows due to the airbrush technique that is performed, it is less painful than eyebrow microblading or other eyebrow shading methods. The pressure and pokes of the needle of the machine are less than the blades of the microblading and as a result, the powder brows technique would be much less painful than microblading.

3- Powder ombre brows last longer:

The longevity of the permanent makeup varies from person to person based on lifestyle, skin type, body health, etc. However, powder brows using high-quality pigments can last an average of 2-3 years.
On the other hand, due to the blows of the microblading's blade, there is a possibility of blemishes on the skin, and this causes the pigments to fall off. For this reason, more touch-up sessions are needed for microblading. Of course, touch-up means re-experiencing the needles. This method will cause damage to the skin in the long run. Like any skin injury, the body repairs the wound area by creating collagen fibres and creating a scar. Both treatments eventually cause permanent skin fatigue. Therefore, choosing the right method to maintain healthy skin is very important.

4- Powder brows are suitable for all skin types:

Powder brows work great for any skin type, unlike microblading, which is not suitable for people with oily skin. Microblading on oily skin requires several touch-ups, which can further damage the skin and ink migration in some cases.

Doing Powder Ombre Brows step by step:

  • At first, our artist talks to you to find your expectations about the shape and colour and gives you some information about the procedure.
  • After that, the artist starts to design the outline with the measuring devices and her point of view to have perfect and even brows.
  • In the next step, she erases all the extra lines to show you the result after the procedure and she would correct the design with you until achieving your satisfaction.
  • Next, she applies the anesthetic cream on your eyebrows and waits between 20 mins to 40 mins.
  • Finally, the artist starts the powder ombre brows