Eyeliner tattoo, Lash Enhancement, shaded eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner or eyeliner tattoo:

Eyeliner tattoo, also called permanent eyeliner or eyeliner micropigmentation, is a permanent make-up method for the eyes that can eliminate defects such as droopy eyes or eyelids, scarring and etc. The bottom and top eyeliner tattoo model is a good option for small eyes and helps to make these eyes bigger.

Eyeliner TatooEyeliner Tatoo

Lash Enhancement (Top lash line and bottom lash line):

If you have thin lashes, you can try a lash enhancement tattoo to improve them to be seen as thicker. This technique could be applied to the top lash line or bottom lash line and improve the appearance of the lashes.

Shaded or smokey Eyeliner:

This technique can be applied as eyeliner, shading or a combination of them. This method creates a soft and beautiful shade on the eyes and makes the eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

Eyeliner tattoo before and after pictures:

Doing Eyeliner tattoo step by step:

1- With a quick talk, we understand what your expectations are, and what kind of eyeliner you want such as a long tail or a short tail.
2- Now, based on your expectations, the artist starts designing the eyeliner. Depending on the eye conditions, it might take between 15 minutes to 45 minutes.
3- In the next step, you will see the eyeliner and correct it with your idea. This step takes as long as getting your 100 percent satisfaction. Also, in this step, the outline is filled with a pencil to have an idea about the result.
4- In step 4, the artist applies the anesthetic cream and waits for 20 minutes.
5- Finally, the artist starts the eyeliner tattoo

Types of eyeliner tattoos based on eye type:

Cat eyeliner tattoo

Cat eyeliner is one of the most popular shapes of eyeliner in makeup that is also used for eyeliner tattoos. This model gives a special beauty to the eyes and makes the person more attractive and charming. This type of eyeliner is a very suitable option for people with medium and large eyes, and it can be used to make the eyes look very attractive and bright.

Girly eyeliner tattoo

In girls' eyeliner tattoos, the eyeliner is thinner and is not pulled out from the outer corner of the eyes. This makes the person's eye makeup looks softer. Also, this eyeliner model is a good option for attending work, simple ceremonies and daily social life in general, while using other types of eye makeup may be a nuisance for attending social gatherings, and the work environment.

Simple eyeliner tattoo

A simple eyeliner tattoo is done by drawing a thin black line where the lashes grow and the eyes come out of a dull state. This is actually the eyelash tattoo that makes the eyes look better and more blackness and opacity can be seen at the lash line.

Tailed eyeliner

One of the most difficult and, of course, most popular eyeliners is the tailing eyeliner. This eyeliner model requires precision and a long time, and if it is drawn correctly and in proportion to the shape of the face, it doubles the attractiveness of the face.

Coloured eyeliner

The use of coloured eyeliner is a new eyeliner method that has recently become more popular among women. Today, some women go for coloured eyeliner to be special because black eyeliner is not very attractive. Using this coloured eyeliner is not suitable for all skin types and it is recommended to choose a colour that is fully compatible with your skin and eye colour. Dark blue is the most popular and widely used coloured eyeliner, which is well compatible with any skin colour. However, the longevity of this eyeliner is shorter than the black colour.

Classic eyeliner

Another eye that gives a special beauty to your face is the classic model. This eyeliner is suitable for any type of eye and has become popular among young women and girls.

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Advantages of eyeliner:

  • People with physical problems or difficulty with manual dexterity can have a perfect and even eyeliner
  • When you are in a rush and have no time to do the makeup it’s the best choice to save time. Also, many people who must wake up early in the morning can sleep more and spend less time on makeup.
  • Due to medical circumstances, some people are not able to use chemical products for eyeliner or permanent makeup 
  •  An eyeliner tattoo stays perfect in different weather conditions. It is resistant to water and sweating and you do not need to be worried about its fading.
  • It can help people with Alopecia and Cancer to regain their confidence

Disadvantages and side effects of the eyeliner tattoo:

  • Swelling of the eyelids for a few days. Due to the penetration of the needle into your eyelids, they swell for a few days.
  • If you choose the wrong place with insufficient experience, the artist can hurt your eye.
  • Using non-sterile equipment can cause infection
  • A little bit more painful than other tattoos due to thin and sensitivity of the skin in this area

How long do the Eyeliner and Lash enhancement last?

The longevity of eyeliner tattoos and eyelash tattoos depends on factors such as aftercare, skin type and the climate of the living area. Therefore, the eyeliner tattoo lasts between 3 to 5 years. After this time, it needs a touch-up because it turns to a dull grey colour and reduces the beauty of your eyes. Of course, the durability of different types of tattoos on the body or face of people varies depending on their skin type, so the durability of tattoos on oily skins is less than on normal skins.

Despite public belief, the pigments which are used are mineral-based and will not cause irritation. Also, the pigments are applied superficially and do not hurt the skin and eyes. To have a perfect treatment, we send precare and aftercare of procedures on social media or by email to the clients. 

Is an eyeliner tattoo painful?

On average it is bearable. The pain threshold varies from person to person and in some cases, the clientele does not feel any pain and in some other cases, we have to apply anesthetic gel during the process to control the pain. 

Using new techniques and methods with eye anesthetics prevents pain to some extent. By applying these substances, numbness is created between the eyelashes and there should be no bleeding during the work, and only small scratches are created on the eyelid and between the eyelashes.

How much do eyeliner tattoo and lash enhancement cost?

Eyeliner tattoo is $300 and the touch-up session is $100

Lash Enhancement is $200 and a touch-up session is $100

What should I do after the eyeliner tattoo?

Briefly, we mention some of the aftercare here, however, you can find aftercare in detail on the link below:

  • Avoid sun exposure by doing eyeliner or eyelash tattoos. Using sunglasses
  • Avoid wetting your eyes for three days and nights.
  • Using an ice pack for one day.
  • Use vitamin ointments such as vitamin A on the treated area for a week.