Nanobrows technique in North Vancouver

What are Nanobrows?

Nanobrows are the most recent eyebrows' permanent makeup technique after Phibrows, which are done by a machine with nanoneedles. This method's result is natural and is done with organic inks.
Nanobrows are a technique which resembles the hair strokes in the brows and makes them fuller. The hair strokes are simulated by the nano-size needles and the result is not recognizable from natural hair.
Nanobrows do not have the limitations of microblading and Phibrows. Nanobrows are the same as microblading that is done with a machine instead of a blade, and for this reason, it has more delicacy and durability.

Advantages of Nanobrows:

  1. Nanobrows’ result is natural and because they are drawn on the real hair strokes or in the same direction, they are not recognizable from the real hair strokes.
  2. This technique is done with nano-size needles and gives a better shape to strokes.
  3. Due to using of a machine, the pigments are done more superficially than microblading and this causes less pain and bleeding.
  4. Less risk of scar creation on the skin because of the lower depth of the pigments.
  5. The result stays longer than the microblading with the higher quality.
  6. It is appropriate for all skin types, in oppose to microblading which does not work on oily skins.
  7. Using fewer passes during the treatment in comparison with other techniques.

How long do Nanobrows last?

The same as other permanent makeup methods, the longevity of the Nanobrows depend on many factors such as skin type and weather conditions, however, it lasts between 1.5 to 2.5 years on average.
The huge difference and privilege of that over microblading is that if the strokes are not touched up and in a long run, the lines are faded, and they do not turn into a shade at all.

How much do Nanobrows cost?

The price of Nanobrows are $350 in MB Elegant Micropigmentation for the first session. The touch-up session for Nanobrows is $150.

What is the Nano brows procedure step by step?

  1. Prebooking: Before the booking, all the precare and prohibitions are sent to the clientele and if she meets all of them, she can go ahead with booking the time. If there are any questions or concerns, they can ask us online and we explain them completely.
  2. In-person consultation: at the day of treatment, the artist checks the medical record, skin type and eyebrows colour of the client.
  3. Outlining: The artist designs the eyebrow based on their talk with the clientele and draws the outline. Then, the artist fills the eyebrows and shows you how the result would be. The correction continues until achieving your satisfaction with the shape and colour of the eyebrows.
  4. Numbing: After outlining, the anesthetic cream is applied to the eyebrows and 20 to 40 minutes of waiting time is needed until the eyebrows get numbed.
  5. Doing the Nanobrows: The artist starts the procedure, and it takes between 2 to 3 hours

Do Nanobrows have any side effects?

Nanoneedles have remarkably fewer side effects than microblading due to less penetration of the needles and pigments into the skin. As result, there is much less chance of infection and scars on the skin.

Are Nanobrows the same as hair-stroke brows?

The answer is yes and no. They are the same procedure with the same material. Both methods are done with machines and draw hair strokes. The only thing that is different is the needles of each technique in a way that Nanobrows are using nanoneedles.

What is the difference between nano brows with microblading?

In Nanobrows a machine is used to perform the treatment, while in microblading, a  blade is used to perform the procedure. In addition, nanobrows are simulating more natural hair strokes and have covered the drawbacks of microblading such as scars, shaded colour after a few months, longevity and working on oily skins.

Do Nano brows flake?

Yes, it is a normal process like other tattoo methods. It is getting lighter after a month due to the generation of new skin layers over the pigments. In some cases, the colour should be freshened in a touch-up session.

Can you remove Nano brows?

For partial removal such as some hair strokes, tattoo removal solutions work. If you want to remove it totally, or the old tattoo is deep, laser removal would be the best option. You do not need to worry about it, just send some photos of your eyebrow enough and then we will give you advice about the removal solutions.

What is Nano shading?

Nano Shading or combo brows is the combination of powder ombre brows and nanobrows techniques. In this method, the shading is applied on the eyebrows from the tail to the crown and some nano hair strokes are added to the crown area to make it more natural.

Nanobrows aftercare:

  1. Avoid touching the treated area
  2. On the first day, slightly dab the treated area with a warm and damp tissue to clean the bodily fluids every half an hour.
  3. Leave the tattoo to be healed in a dry condition for 3 days.
  4. After 3 days, you can use vitamin A ointment on the treatment area
  5. Before taking a shower, apply vitamin A to the treated area to protect it from accidental water exposure.
  6. After three days, you can apply moisturizer to the area before going to bed to avoid dryness
  7. Do not wear any kind of makeup for at least 10 days
  8. Avoid sunbathing and tanning for a month
  9. No excessive sweating for a week
  10. Do not wash the area for 7- 10 days
  11. Please do not take the scabs off and let them be fallen naturally
  12. Do not expose directly to strong sunlight

Nanobrows Precare: Do's & Don'ts before the Nanobrows:

  1. Avoid consuming coffee, coke, or herbal tea 3 days before the treatment
  2. Avoid sunbathing or tanning
  3. Do not take blood thinner pills such as Aspirin
  4. Recommend not doing nano brows during the menstrual cycle

To see the full description of precare and prohibitions, please check the PMU precare page