Permanent Makeup – Cosmetic tattoo and personal care

Today Permanent makeup has been one of the most popular procedures among people, women in particular. There are many reasons that increase the demand for this kind of treatment.
At first, against its name and general view, it is not permanent and could be counted as a kind of semi-permanent makeup because all the treatments will fade away after a few years and a touch-up is necessary after this time. In some cases, such as microblading, every 6 months to 1-year touch-up is needed.
Permanent MakeupPermanent Makeup

Powder Ombre browse:

Ombre Powder brows give you a soft shape of shading. In fact, it is a type of shading but smoother, lighter and softer and seems like a kind of coloured powder sprayed or rubbed on your eyebrow. It looks natural and much more stylish than old shading. In this method, the colour is lighter in the crown of the eyebrow and by getting close to the tail of the eyebrow, the colour would get darker to give you a natural look.

This technique is mostly done with lighter colours and works superficially. Powder brows last between 3 to 5 years and a touch-up is needed after one month

Eyebrow Shading:

Shading is a method of eyebrow tattoo that fills an area of the eyebrow with the selected colour. In this method, the colour is the same from the crown of the eyebrow to the tail.


Nanobrows technique is similar to microblading and the hair strokes are simulated by a machine. Due to using nano-sized needles, the artist is able to create hair strokes with a high level of delicacy. The method causes long-lasting results and there is less risk of ink migration. 
In the Nanobrows technique, the result lasts between 1 to 2 years and this technique works perfectly on all skin types. 

Lip Blush and Lip micropigmentation:

Lip tattoo is a method that is used to symmetrical or increases the lip volume or lips line and sometimes to eliminate excessive whiteness of the lips. The lips are an important part of the face and should be paid attention seriously because the lips play an important role in the beauty of the face.

 The lip tattoo method is a method that eliminates all the imperfections of the lips and makes the lips appear fuller. If you are dissatisfied with the colour of your lips, you can use a lip tattoo. The lips are sensitive tissue and full of superficial blood vessels. No bleeding occurs during lip tattoo. Special care is needed after getting a lip tattoo. Usually, the duration of primary healing after a lips tattoo is 10 days and full healing is 1 month.

The colour normally gets 30 to 50 percent lighter than the original colour that we choose.

The lip blush treatment takes around 3 hours and the level of pain is medium. However, an Anesthetic cream would be applied at first and middle of the treatment to have the maximum level of comfort during the process.

Eyeliner and lash enhancement:

Another important factor in the beauty of the face, especially the beauty of the eyes, is the eyeliner tattoo or micropigmentation of the eyeliner and eyelashes. Micropigmentation eyeliner tattoos will make the eyes more prominent and attractive by showing the lashes densely.

A crucial point that needs your attention in eyeliner tattoo is that it is much more sensitive than other tattoo and micropigmentation types such as eyebrow microblading and lip tattoos because this cosmetic repair method is close to the eyes and eyelids.

To avoid any possible side effects and risks, the eyeliner tattoos must be done by a fully professional and trained artist, otherwise, you will not get the right result from this cosmetic method, and there will be a risk of infection and some other problems. Therefore, first of all, make sure that you choose the right beauty center for this purpose.

Eyelash tattoo or lash enhancement is the injection of ink between the roots of the eyelashes, which will make the eyelashes and their roots look bolder and thicker. By doing this tattoo, the beauty of the eyes will be doubled, and you will have a more attractive look.

Different branches of permanent makeup:

  • Micropigmentation
  • Microblading

Application of Micropigmentation and Microblading:

1- Powder ombre brows
2- Eyebrow shading
3- Combo brows 
4- Hair stroke brows 
5-Lip bluish
6-Eyeliner and lash enhancement
7-Scalp micropigmentation

How much does semi-permanent makeup cost?

Depending on the treatment, the price of the cosmetic tattoo would be between 200-250 Canadian dollars.
You can find the pricing table here

Eyebrow tattoos:$250 
Lip blush: $250
upper Eyeliner: $200
lower eyeliner:$200

How the result of permanent makeup would be?

There are two types of permanent makeup results

  • Short-term PMU result
  • Long-term PMU result

Short-term PMU result:

The result of permanent makeup will be the improvement of eyebrows, lips and eyes using ink. The result is darker at first, due to the colour remaining in the upper epidermal layers of the skin. After a few days, the colour becomes lighter and by peeling the upper layers of the epidermis or scabs, dead cells are removed and replaced by new cells.

Long-term PMU result

Permanent makeup lasts for years and starts to fade after a long time. Of course, the fading time of the makeup depends on various parameters like the type of skin. The beauty of PMU depends on factors such as the environment, the procedure, and the characteristics of the individual. Exposure to sunlight can lighten permanent makeup. The amount and colour of pigment implanted in the skin layer can be effective in making permanent makeup look better. On the other hand, the quality of many of the materials used in tattoos will change over time and will a touch-up is needed. The degree of skin colour is also one of the factors that will be effective in changing the colour and fading of permanent makeup. People who regularly go outdoors or people who swim should also keep in mind that their permanent makeup may fade sooner than others.

Advantages of permanent makeup:

  • Women and men who have lost part of their eyebrows, or eyelashes and are suffering imperfections on their skin due to illness or injury are the best options for permanent makeup.
  • People who want to save time for their daily makeup
  • Some people who have difficulty with manual dexterity to do the makeup
  • People with asymmetric appearance (such as cleft lips).
  • Women with thin lips who want to have thicker and fuller lips
  • People with outdoor careers do not want to extend their makeup every few hours or under the rain

Disadvantages of permanent makeup

There are some dissatisfactions with permanent makeup, including:
  • Using the wrong colour
  • Asymmetric appearance,
  • excessive darkening of the colour and being too large

A skilled and professional person should have the ability to apply the right permanent makeup with natural colours. A design that is much larger than the anticipation of the clientele is also a serious challenge in permanent makeup. If the clientele does not like the colours used, techniques can be used to lighten the pigments or eliminate them, which will be costly.

What are the side effects of permanent makeup?

Of course, the effects of permanent makeup are not the same as traditional tattoos; But if an artist does not follow the important rules, there is the possibility of ulcers, bumps on the scar, peeling, blistering, cracking of the skin and local infection. The use of unsanitary equipment also increases the risk of serious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

Whenever you decide to do permanent makeup, refer to a certified artist and make sure that his equipment is professional and sealed. Having a valid degree and a clean environment can ease your mind to some extent.

What is the difference between micropigmentation and microblading:

In Micropigmentation, the machine is used for doing the permanent makeup, while in microblading, a blade is used to enter the pigment into the skin.

Which one is safer? Microblading or micropigmentation such as powder brows?

In general, micropigmentation is safer due to of two reasons:

  • In microblading, blades scratch the skin and creating these scars every six months can lead to permanent scars on your skin.
  • Despite having beautiful and delicate hair strokes right after the treatment, the chance of spreading pigments is much more in microblading.