Scalp Micropigmentation for Men - Balding

This type of scalp micropigmentation has become one of the most popular ones due to its stylish look.
Scalp micropigmentation for baldness is a type of SMP that creates a shaved head look. This method is called Full-SMP or Sport-SMP and your appearance would be like that you shaved your hair with machine #0. It is a stylish look with any type of hairline such as soft, edgy or sharp.

Who is a good candidate for Full SMP

This SMP is ideal for the following group of people:
  • Men and women who want to keep their hair shaved
  • People with extensive baldness
  • People with the recession on the hairline
  • Some people who have Alopecia


Men SMP-BaldingMen SMP-Balding

A wide range of hairline shapes are available

One of the advantages of this method is using different hairline shapes and providing various stylish appearances for the clientele. For instance, some people who want to have buzz-cut hair can get a sharp hairline while others want a feathered and soft hairline which looks more natural. Your idea during the hairline outlining is extremely important to help us to find an appropriate hairline that fits you the best. 

Hairline Restoration

This method would work perfectly for men with thinning hairlines. They can restore their hairlines very naturally and have a full density in their hairline. 
SMP for this part of the head is not expensive, fast and you can see the difference right after the first session.

Does SMP on my scalp turn blue or green? 

Absolutely not. SMP pigments are carbon-based inks and unlike regular tattoo inks, do not turn green or blue. They just fade after a few years and you can get a touch-up to make them fresh. You can take a look at the article about scalp micropigmentation after 2 and 5 years.

Here we provided some photos of SMP over the bald heads to see the difference: