SMP Aftercare

Paying attention to the aftercare process is remarkably essential to protect the deposited pigments in order to have a longer persistence. These post-care procedures are easy but important and we recommend them to anybody who has done the scalp micropigmentation treatment as a kind of hair restoration method. 

There are two types of short and long-term aftercare that you need to do or avoid doing them. MB Elegant Micropigmentation and Mrs. Boroughani as an experienced technician provided the most important ones. In addition, there are some obvious things that need to be avoided like scratching the treated area. After four days, you can wash your head gently with unscented organic soap. Also, you can use moisturizers (unscented ones preferred) for dry and flaky skins.

What you should avoid

It is the Client’s responsibility to care for and heal the treatment area for the best possible results. Failure to follow instructions could result in a poorly healed procedure or other complications such as infection or irritation.

Results cannot be determined until your final touch-up session is completed and healed. We will increase the density and do the colour adjustment each session.

 If you are mid-process, make sure to book your next appointment in a timeframe recommended by your SMP artist.

General instructions, you must avoid:

  • Do not touch the area to avoid spreading bacteria and infection
  • Do not wear a hat right after the treatment
  • Avoid washing wetting or shaving the treated area for the first four days. It can hurt the pigments and cause their fading
  • Avoid carrying out any activities that may cause excessive sweating for 7 days. For example, going to the gym, gardening etc.
  • Avoid using any kind of moisturizer for the first fourth day because most of them have Glycolic or Lactic Acids which can fade the pigments.
  • Avoid shaving your head with a razor for at least 10 days (Do not Bic it). However, you can shave your head with any kind of machine after five days. It gives a good time for healing the tiny wounds
  • Avoid swimming, Sauna, Stream room, and Tanning for at least 28 days. Saline water, in particular, due to minerals and ions can have adverse effects on the deposited pigments.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as you can. Try to use sunscreen 50% or up for protecting the pigments. Exposure to the sunlight can fade the pigments in the short term

After four days you can wash your head by patting the head with organic unscented soap with lukewarm water. Do not scratch or rub the scalp.