How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

As a rough estimate, the price of Scalp Micropigmentation in Canada is between CA$800 - CA$4000 depending on your level of hair loss and the clinic or center you choose. 

The price of scalp micropigmentation varies depending on the treatment area. For example, depends on the hair loss area and the amount of hair loss. If you want to retrieve the hairline, the price is less for a bald person. Also, Thinning hair prices are more complicated due to the level of their thinning hair. In this situation, we give the prices based on the Norwood Scale of hair loss.

How much does scalp micropigmentation touch-up cost?

The touch-up session for scalp micropigmentation is between 350-600 Canadian dollars. However, if your fading is more than normal, you might be charged a little bit more. 

SMP Price Based on Norwood Hair Loss Scale

Now, your question is how you can find the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment for your case. Norwood scale is the base of individuals for pricing. The Norwood Scale, as shown below, is a standard scale for proceeding with male baldness patterns. No matter whether you are male or female and you have baldness or thinning hair. You can convert your thinning hair to the Norwood Scale by choosing the closest hair loss pattern to you and find the price on the table of prices on the left top corner of this page. 
Also, you can send us some photos of the area where you want to be treated and we can give you the exact price immediately. 
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The simplest way to find the SMP cost

Send us some photos of your head and we give you the exact price for all the sessions as soon as possible.

Way1: There is a Facebook button on the down-right side of the page. you can send some photos on Facebook

Way2: You can send by your phone to 778-929-2545

Way3: You can send them through other social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

How does thinning hair pricing for men and women work?

Thinning hair pricing is a little bit tricky and it is difficult to find a regular pattern for determining the cost. The vacant area varies person by person and we cannot compare it with Norwood or any other scale for pricing. You can find a rough estimate from the Norwood scale and find the closest pattern to yourself but the best way for finding the exact price is to send some photos of the area where you need to be treated and get the price from us. You can send your photos through Direct Message on Facebook or Instagram or by MMS and WhatsApp through the (778)929-2545 phone number.