SMP Precare

What should we do before each scalp micropigmentation session?
There are many simple steps to do before any SMP process.

What to do before an SMP session and how to get prepared for that?

This information is for your awareness and must be observed before treatment

1- Avoid consuming caffeine drinks such as coffee, coke, etc three days before the treatment
2- Avoid consuming herbal teas three days before the treatment
3 - Avoid exposure to UV rays (sun and solarium).
4- Avoid any peeling and microdermabrasion.
5 - Avoid the use of drugs or substances that have irritating effects.
6- Please stop using vitamines three days before the treatment. If you are taking any pill or medication, please inform us at the time of consultation before the treatment (hormonal pills in particular).
7- Wash your head, because you must avoid washing your head four days after the treatment.
8- Shave your head with clipper # 0 if you want to have a shaved appearance.
*** Strictly no alcohol or drugs are to be consumed three days prior to your treatment with the exception of prescribed medication. If the practitioner suspects you may be under the influence or your scalp is not prepared for the treatment, you will be refused service. ***
Thank you