Scalp Micropigmentation for Women-Thinning

 Having thick hair is one of the most important factors in women's beauty, in which, hair loss or having thin hair can affect their confidence dramatically. 

To meet this problem, women try to do different ways of regrowing their hair and undertake the costs and issues to retrieve their hair. Many of these ways are resultless and cannot help them in long term.

Who is a good candidate

All women with thinning hair can get scalp micropigmentation treatment. In the following, we will mention the top reasons for hair loss and the candidates.
Notice: Please let us know if you have a disease or taking medication, you might need a physician's permission for getting SMP
Women SMPWomen SMP

10 Top reasons for hair loss in women:

There are various reasons for hair loss in women and we just mention the most important ones here:

  • Your hairstyle is one of the most important reasons for hair loss, such as using extensions,  tight ponytails, braids, or corn rows
  • Lack of vitamins 
  • Diets (especial diets or rapid weight loss)
  • Colouring your hair and using a high percentage of oxidant or hair developer for decolouring your hair
  • Extreme physical and emotional stress
  • Having some medications and chemicals
  • Changes in your hormones
  • Hair loss could be inheritable
  • Aging and getting older
  • Alopecia

Scalp Micropigmentation is a solution for women's hair loss

As we mentioned, SMP works for all genders. This method is not limited only to thinning hair and women with a high level of Alopecia can use it to have a stylish shaved head look as well. 

One of the privileges of women's scalp micropigmentation is that you do not need to cut your hair for getting SMP.

SMP is done in three sessions and you can see the difference right after the first session. Achieving the result is quick and last for a long time.

Women's scalp micropigmentation before and after photos