MB Elegant Micro - Frequently Asked Questions About Scalp Micropigmentation

Your Questions about SMP

What is the price of SMP?
You can find a rough estimate of the pricing on the scalp micropigmentation cost or send us your photos through the Facebook Messanger down right of the page and we give you the exact price as soon as possible
How long does SMP last on my head?
It lasts between 3 to 5 years depending on the skin type. Some people might need a quick touch up every year to have a fresh look.
Will we get the desired density after the treatment?
Yes, you will. We can also increase the density as much as you want; however, we recommend a standard density for each person depending on age, skin type and colour, face shape, etc.
Are the pigments safe?
Yes, they are. The pigments are carbon base and free of heavy metals.
Is there any side effect after the treatment?
No, there is no side effect for this kind of treatment. This method is safe and fast and cannot harm the skin and the body. Besides, we implant the pigments surficial (dermis layer), which needs experience not to go deeper.
Some of the pigments have been faded after the first sessions?
Yes, and this is the reason we do this treatment in 3 sessions. There are several reasons for getting faded. First, we do the SMP by entering the pigments in the dermis layer, which is a surficial layer and the body tends to ward off the pigments and the body can exit them easily. Second, we create thousands of tiny points on the scalp and placing some pigments in the epidermis layer (upper layer than dermis) is inevitable. Those pigments could be warded off easier.
My hairs are blond or grey. Does SMP work for me?
Yes, the colour of pigments should comply with your skin colour, not your hair colour. If you shave your head, you will notice that the hair follicles in your scalp are grey, and this is because the pigments on your scalp should be grey and match the colour of your skin, not your hair colour. Women who colour their hair become utterly identical to the pigments after a few days when their hair roots grow.
Will the pigments turn blue or green?
No, If the pigments are implanted in the right layer of the scalp, it will not happen (need sufficient experience). Only the pigments that entered in the deep layers might be turned blue or green. In addition, If the technician uses any ink other than the SMP inks, like tattoo or brow, they will definitely turn blue.
What is pigments migration?
When the pigments are implanted in the scalp's deep layers, they could move with the blood in your scalp (on small scales and 1 or 2 mm only), which is called pigment migration. Also, some providers do the SMP in one session, which can lead to migration again. The best example could be the imagination of two drops of water. When we close two drops to each other, they would be merged, and that is why we avoid doing all the treatments in one session.
What should we do to protect the pigments in the long run?
There are two short and long-term care for your scalp. For short-term protection, we provide printed information after each session and a PDF file before the treatment. However, it would be best to use sunscreen (50% is enough) for exposure to direct sunlight in the long run.